New Record Button

When using a SKUID page for a custom object (Service) and we have a related list based on another custom object (Recording). We see the related list in a table no problem, but don’t want to add records from the table view, instead, want the New button that would open a new instance of a new Recording (like it works in non-skuid). I must be missing something? Thanks in advance.

This is pretty straightforward to set up. 

In your “recordings” table add a global action button.   

This button can either be a URL redirect to a new record page  (Which is explained here)   This is the standard salesforce model.  A new page for every action and object…

Or this button can open a popup where all the data needed for hte new recording can be documented - even if the information is not in the table.  (This process is explained here.

None of these options are difficult.  They just take some configuration…