New Page XML Error: input too long (1, 57): Can't create new page from prebuilt page

I am trying to create a new page using XML from a pre-built Wizard page. When I paste the XML I am getting an error. See screen shot. Can someone please help.

what page were you trying to copy? 

I was trying to copy a custom page. I can copy all of my other custom pages but not this one.

Would you mind sending us the XML you are trying to copy?  Send as a file attachment to


We are getting this same error on most of our pages - having lots of issues since upgrading to Bonzia

Have you logged this issue?

Tracy and Michael,

Can you please Grant Login Access to Skuid Support so that we can investigate this further? Once you’ve done this please email support with the Org Ids of where this is occurring and the URL’s to the pages where we can replicate (Tracy you’ve already done this, but Michael if you could send us a link to that page where you’re getting all the red errors, that would be very helpful. Thanks!)

For those following at home.  We are making a change to Skuid to allow bigger pages.  This was the issue here. We never imagined that you guys would make such big pages.  You guys are making amazing stuff! 

Thank you for your fast response!


I just ran into this error on page runtime. Is this still a page size issue?

Just FYI, I ran into this when attempting to create a new page and paste in XML from another page. I just created a blank page, then on the new page did View/Edit XML and pasted it in there and it worked fine.