New "If no row in Source Model then..." condition property doesn't seem to be working

I have a page with many models. One of them (call it model2) references another (model1) and has the new condition property “If no row in Source Model then… Abort this model’s query” option set up. However, it doesn’t seem to be aborting the query. I built a table to be sure that Model1 has no rows, but still when the page opens I get an error saying (edited for brevity): . An error occurred while attempting to perform the following SOQL query: SELECT Id,… FROM Model2 WHERE (LookupFieldToModel1 = ‘null’)AND(AnotherField = ‘SomethingElse’) LIMIT 2 Error:invalid ID field: null My understanding is that the page shouldn’t be executing this query at all, because Model1 doesn’t have any records in it. In any case, it shouldn’t throw a runtime error. (FYI, Model1.Id is available/chosen in the model editor, too.) For support purposes, you can login and try this page in my org’s production instance (Org ID 00Dd0000000hRff) by navigating to this Skuid page & params: page=ClassDetail2&date=2014-02-03&id=a0Fd000000TLNjyEAH

Peter, This looks like a bug. It has to do with stacking multiple “Abort this model’s query” options (i.e. model1 AND model2 both have the “Abort” option set, but model2 references the results of model1 as a condition). We’ll get it sorted and include the fix in our next package. Thanks for helping us find the issue!

We have fixed this in our latest Spring 14 patch, 4.4. Here’s the install link:

Fixed! Thanks!