New fields don't appear in model -- existing or new

A quick question – I notice when I add a field to an object in Salesforce and then go to select it in the model so I can add it to the Skuid page, the field is missing from the list of field names. Does the field ever appear? What needs to happen to get the Skuid to “see” new fields . . . does a certain amount of time need to pass for Skuid to see it? If so how long do i need to sit here?? :wink: Do I need to delete out all existing models and create new models for the new field to appear (I hope not . … ) I just tried that and the field did not appear in the new model . . .so i’m thinkin’ it is a time thing, but thought I’d ask . . .

Hmmm. Krista I cannot recreate this problem. I create a new field in salesforce and get all the way through the multistep process in salesforce so I see the field in the list of Custom Fields. Then I open the page builder for a page that uses that object in a model (or refresh the page if it is already open in another tab) The field is available. Are you sure your model is connected to the right salesforce object? (I hope that’s not an insulting question)

In general whenever you add / change / delete a Field in Salesforce, you will need to refresh the Skuid Page Builder (just use your Browser’s refresh button). Then Skuid will see the changes.

Hey Zach, Good to know . . . I’ll check it out. Refreshing is a lot better than deleting the model and starting all over again!

I am new to skuid mobile and I am trying to move selected fields to main panel. How could I do this?

Hi Jnanendra, in Skuid Mobile things work slightly differently — you add a Field component, then you specify the Model Field that the Field is linked to. So first you create your Model, e.g. your Contacts model, and add some fields to it, e.g. FirstName and LastName. Then you add a Deck to your Main panel, and pick a model that it is associated with, e.g. your Contacts model. Then in the Deck properties to the left, there’s an “Add Components” section. Click on this, and it will show a list of Components, in orange, that you can add to your Deck. One of them is “Field”. Double-clicking on Field will add a new Field to your Deck, or you can drag Field into your Deck, and it will add a new Field placeholder to your Deck. Then, you click on the Field in your Deck, and its properties will show up in the left. You then specify the Id of the Field that you want to show.