New Feature Request - Create New Row --> "Quantity"

There are times when I’d like to be able to create multiple rows all at once in a model. Further to this, I’d like the quantity to have the ability to take data from another model.


Is this not possible with the Action Framework using Multiple Actions and the prototype pattern?  Take a look at the Action Framework Deep Dive video. 


Prototype pattern?

I know I can create multiple actions in the action framework, but I’d like the number of rows to be dynamic.

When you say dynamic, do you mean the user would specify that they want to N number rows created (and populated from another model)?

Yes. N number of rows based on a specified amount or an amount from another model. As for the default values, that would work the same as it does now.

Multiple actions can iterate over a set of source rows and create a new row in a model where the data is sourced from another model e.g. $  This does not completely satisfy your use case, however.  

I am thinking that you may have to go “custom” with a snippet.

If that’s the case, I can just use trigger ready flows and avoid javascript.

I haven’t had a big need for it yet so I won’t go through the trouble.

I’d rather wait for a solution that’s easy to implement and manage. javascript and flows would not be as they both would be specifically setup for each requirement. ie. which object and which fields

Thanks for the ideas guys. This idea is under consideration…