New "Creators and Developers" community category

Could we create a new section in the community called Creators and developers like has?

I would to take part in some community led efforts to extend the features of Skuid. I would volunteer some time to the dev for sure. I am sure other would be quite happy to collab. Why not? Set up a new Jira instance, a dev org, bitbucket and gearset? It would be amazing! Skuid could volunteer a Skuid person to steer the ship making sure it meets the Skuid mantra and architecture if they already have this on their road map. Or at the very least provide guidance to better align code and design practices for Skuid to bring the effort in house.

At the very worst Skuid could benefit from user feedback and an iteratively build feature.

Could we please not be held back by something like a naysayer? There are many of us that would gladly volunteer our time to grow the Skuid feature set. We could make it a community led addon with a use at your own risk disclaimer. Then Skuid can bring it in house if it becomes a practical standard feature for users.

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Hey Pat, thanks for sharing this idea, I really like it! I’ll check with the team and see what makes the most sense here.

Have you explored Skuid Labs on Github? It has a lot of cool stuff that people have built and anyone can submit a new page, component or project.

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Hi Anna, I haven’t looked in the github for quite some time, but I’ll review what’s there for sure.

The thing with Skuid Labs is that it’s generally stale, mostly V1, devoid of the ability to extend v2 with custom components and/or addon features on the builder side.

We could otherwise use this github, but we’ll need additional extensibility within V2.

In laptops anyone can create the following:

The same for Skuid? Please

Finally looked into the labs github. A bunch of nifty stuff in there for sure. I will have to find the time to dig into most of them.

Not too much missing to get where I’d like to see it. LOL!!! Funny thing for the engineers to here for sure.

  1. Like we had in V1. provide documentation on how to build components in V2.
  2. Reference V2 components
  3. Jquery access to DOM