New Contact Wizard

I have created a wizard to create new contacts, I was able to create link address fields from the parent account account with the contact. The issue I am having is when I change the account name the address does not change. Does anyone knows how to fix this?

The key question is how are you linking the address fields? 

If your wizard copies the address from the parent account into the contact address fields, then once you have made the copy the link is broken and changes to account will not cascade down. 

Another alternative is to not use the contact address, but simply traverse to the parent relationship (account) and use the address values found on that object.  In that scenario, when you change the account connected to the contact - the related data on a contact detail page will change too.

In typical Salesforce development you would create lots of formula fields on the contact to bring down account level information in order to show it on detail record pages.  This is not necessary with Skuid,  since you can easily traverse the relationship and include parent data in your model. 

Let us know if you need further clarification. 

Hi Rob, Thank you for your reply, I am very new with Skuid, I am not quit sure how to "Traverse to the parent account.

Can you please clarify that for me? Thanks

When you are building your model. Any parent object relationship will be designated with a “chain link” icon. Click this link to traverse to the parent. Then you can select fields from the parent object and include them in your model. This allows you to put account address on a contact table without resorting to formula fields.

Here is the contact fields list. Notice the link to Account.

Here is the view when you have gone through to account.

Note: Though you can put data from multiple related objects on the same table or component, you will not be able to edit the parent or children data there. To do this use multiple related models being shown in different components.

Hope this helps.