new console error in Spring '21 : vfremote.js:117

We’re getting a console error several times loading any skuid page:

Visualforce Remoting: Context incomplete - authorization not provided

This only happens on our sandboxes currently on Spring '21. Production and sandboxes still on Winter '21 do not have these errors

We’re on Skuid Spark 12.4.13

Anyone else seeing this?

If you go here and click Enable Test Run then the errors go away.

Hey @Jack_Sanford I’m happy to see you found this issue!

The key to this issue is that it is running as expected since it passed the test and it works in prod.

It could be possible that you are getting this error because you are in a sandbox and most of the time it’s a harmless error.

I will note this issue in case it comes up again and we can document this and help navigate future users with this issue.


So this ‘error’ (warning really) is showing up in production, it wasn’t just that it was a sandbox. Seems to be part of Spring '21 Salesforce release. Enabling the test run of Enable Visualforce JavaScript Remoting Enforcement in release updates does make that warning go away.

HOWEVER, with that test run enabled, our users started seeing this error

Remoting request authorization expired. Refresh the page and try again

This happens when the user is logged in to our Customer Community and opens a popup that contains a page include. We are in Spark 12.4.20, in a v1 page.

Same for me. Enabling Visualforce JavasScript Remoting Enforcement in release updates causes other js console issues for me so i must keep it off.
For me “Visualforce Remoting: Context incomplete - authorization not provided” goes away when in Classic, but throws “Visualforce Remoting: Context incomplete - authorization not provided” in LEX.

Hey @pdro and @Jack_Sanford .

I just looked into this and found out that this is an issue on SF end with user access.

I found some articles that can help investigate this issue:

@QuinnRyan I don’t understand how the links you posted relate to the error I’m getting. Now that Winter '22 has been released to sandboxes, I’m getting the error all the time “Remoting request authorization expired. Refresh the page and try again.” We’re on Skuid version 12.x, do you know if there’s a fix for this in skuid version 13 or 14? Couldn’t find anything about it in the release notes.

@Jack_Sanford to clarify. Is this only popping up when your users are logged in to the Customer Community and opens a popup(containing a Skuid page included)?

Also, I did some digging, and I see that the problem you are having is a known issue on SF and that a similar issue has been fixed.

I will keep digging to see if anything else comes up in SF docs and reports to help troubleshoot your issue.

Also, have you tried creating another sandbox and using the latest Skuid version as well as V2 to see if the issue persists?


Our QA person is getting it when searching on a page that isn’t a page include or has a popup.

We do plan on updating Skuid to see if that helps.

@Jack_Sanford by chance - are your session timeout settings pretty short?

They are set at 30 minutes for the sandboxes where we’re seeing this

So we’ve pinpointed that the error most consistently happens when we have multiple tabs open, leave a tab alone for a bit, and and then come back to that tab and try and search for something. The time doesn’t necessarily do it, sometimes waiting 20 minutes it works fine, and other times 5 minutes it doesn’t.

The status code of the error is 402 - unknown client