New Client Side Sort is Awesome, however it doesn't work as model action or on page render action

Bill McCullough turned me on to the new sort action. The client side sort is exactly what I was looking for, however, it only works as a reusable action triggered by a button press. It doesn’t work as a page render triggered action or as a model action triggered by requery, which is what I need. If I switch it to not be client side, it will work, but then it effects the model query which defeats the purpose. 

Actually, in  a previous comment, Bill McCullough included some xml for a sample page where it does work so it must be something to do with my specific page. I’ll keep testing and report back.

Ok… I found that I actually had an action on another model that was overwriting the sort. So the sort does work as expected as a page render action, which is great,
However, when I make it a model action triggered by re query of the model, I get the following error on page load:
“There was a problem rendering a component of type skuidpage: Maximum call stack size exceeded”