New Case Comments not notifying users

When an end user adds a comment to a case in classic view, the appropriate notifications are sent out. When the same end user adds a comment to the same case using a skuid page, no notifications are sent out. Anyone know what we need to do to get the notification to send??

You may have to do a custom workflow or process.

Yup, thanks. That’s what we did. Just wondering if anyone had figured out what was getting triggered in the standard salesforce add comment page that doesn’t happen when you add a new row to the model and save in skuid

From other posts in the past, I remember a response being that certain standard objects have actions built into the standard salesforce pages, so if you don’t load the standard salesforce page, you don’t get the actions.

Jack, by “End User”, do you mean an actual Salesforce User? There’s a way to do this without a custom workflow / process — in your Skuid Model that you use to create the new CaseComments, add a Condition on the “AllowExternalEmails” field to set it to true.