New Call Popup

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a new call popup row action on my accounts table.  So when a user is filtering through accounts, instead of clicking on the detail to go in and log a call, I’d like to open a popup that lets them fill in the info via a row action.  I know the basics and had planned to use a page include, but how do I actually let the page know which account the user clicked on?


I had a very similar use case, I used a page include and passed in the “Query String” that “id={{{Id}}}” (case sensetive). On the page I was including I had an account model with a condition where id=the parameter id. It worked fine for me.

Thanks!  That lets me pull in a table that contains only the tasks associated with that account - so it’s a good start.  But when I click to add a new row, it leaves the associated account field blank and uneditable.  Any idea how to make it automatically fill that field?  Also - is there a way to automatically have it populate the task as closed (so I can have it log a call vs. create a new open task)?

Appreciate the help!

Try adding a condition on your task model, where Account = the id parameter of the page, I think that should solve the issue.

Agreed, hope that worked.