New Action Framework Action: Set Context (Model & Row)

It might be nice to have an action available in the action framework to allow us to “set the context” for merge syntax to a particular model and row (first, last, or number).

That way we could avoid creating a model just to store values that we need to use multiple times to ‘create a new row.’ (A very nice trick, btw. Hat tipped to Pat.)

And we can avoid merge syntax strings that always look like {{$}} instead of just {{Field__c}}.

This might be a way to solve the problem Zach mentioned here:…

Thanks for the creative thinking.  We will take this into consideration.  We know that the idea of “context”  has a lot of rough edges and it could be made clearer in our builder.  This might help. 

Surprised this hasn’t been made. Has it been 2 years since this was posted?

Came up again today. My use case to create a wizard where someone essentially drills down into the data structure in each step. Problem is that we currently have to set a condition on each level going down the data structure and query. ie. products

I will switch the setup to be Tables and Drawers to make this work, but I wanted to use a wizard. :frowning: