Nested Deck Context doesn't work for context: NULL = NULL?

I have some nested decks of aggregate models. Certain rows in the aggregate models have fields null values. It would appear that for anything with a null value that relies on Context, it does not display for the nested deck underneath. Am I doing something wrong here? How do I get nested decks to work when the context is Null = Null?

For example:

I have a base deck: A, this deck is an aggregate deck on a “Grandparent” model with a field “Grandparent” and a count of all their children/grandchildren.

I nest a deck under that on the “Parent” model with a similar count where context is “Grandparent” = “Grandparent”.

I nest a deck under that deck with the model “Child” where context is “Grandparent” = “Grandparent”, “Parent” = “Parent”

This all works fine except for when the Grandparent or Parent is null. If it is null, the nested deck context underneath doesn’t seem to pick it up whereas it should be finding for instance (Parent)NULL = (Parent)NULL and showing the row in context.

What might I be able to do to work around this?


Hey Mark, is there a chance that you could share a simple test page of this use case using standard objects?