Need to render and exclude ALL BUT 2 picklist values in a field containing 30+ picklist values

I have a case bucket custom field that is used globally across my org with different options showing for different record types.

In order to minimize creating unnecessary record types for this particular application, I want to present 2 of the 30+ picklist values to a user filling out a form on my SKUID page. I’ve been through the forms and see how to add new picklist values, but not how to remove or hide the unwanted values. Also not proficient in JavaScript so any help/guidance would be appreciated.

On idea would be to add a UI only picklist field with just those two picklist values. Then, you should be able to update the actual Salesforce picklist field with the value chosen in your UI only field using a action on your save button or as a model action when the record is saved or the UI only field is updated.

Of course, great alternative! Worked like a charm. Thank you

Raymond.  You rock!   Thanks for all your help on the community.  Really appreciated!