Need to pick up the Last Name with any existing value by typing few words when create a new record o

Need to pick up the Last Name with any existing value by typing few words when create a new record of Account ?


Can you clarify what you want to do a little? Do you want to pickup the last name of an associated contact or perhaps something else, when you create a new account?

Thanks for your reply Amy.

Here is the explanation of my requirement:

I have a Custom Object - “ABCDATA” which is having 3 custom fields of Text Type say : Name, Group, Description. Once I create few records of “ABCDATA”, next time what I want - When a User create new record and entering some words in the Group Field, then it should search any existing matching Group Name if available. For Example - One existing is available with group name ‘Operation’. Now when a User create new record and typing Opeart… then it should auto match with the existing record.

Hope the above description help you to my requirement. If not please let me know. Thanks


There are probably a few different ways to do what you want to do, but your best/easiest option will be if you are on Skuid version Brooklyn Update 1 or later (before that you don’t have combobox as a metadata override option). Then, on your new record creation page, add an aggregate model that groups by your Group field. Then, on your new custom object, override the metadata of your group field and make it a Combobox with the Picklist Source as Rows in Model. Then, for the Picklist Model tab/properties, select your aggregate model name and use merge syntax to put the grouped field in as the Entry Value and Entry Label:

For example, I had an aggregate model on Account and used the Site field to mimic your group field, so I put {{site}} and {{site}} in for the entry value and entry label. You’ll probably put something similar to {{group}}. Check your aggregate model and put the Alias Name in the merge syntax for the entry value and label:

Then, in the page composer you can drag your Group field into the field editor or component as normal, and when you type in it you’ll either get results based on existing groups or you’ll be able to save a new group name. This works because the combobox renderer is using the results from the aggregate model to generate a picklist, or it lets you enter a new value. Let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Also, although I gave directions for how to do this in Skuid, I’d also encourage you to think about if you ought to adjust your data model, for example by making Groups a picklist, to make it easier for your users to keep your data clean. Just because you can do something in Skuid, doesn’t always mean you should :slight_smile:


Hi Amy,

Thanks for your help.

I also have a query for the below questions:

Is it possible to Upload an Attachment on a New Record? Using File Uploader in skuid.

Normally you can only add an attachment onto a record after it’s saved (so you’d have to at least have the basics for the record, save, and then be able to attach a file to it). However, Pat has a workaround explained on this post where you can add an attachment to a new record by attaching it to a different model, and then when you save the new record model you update the parent id of the attachment to be the id of the newly saved new record.

Thanks Amy, this tweak worked.