Need to be able to move buttons and filters to left side of table, instead of right side

I’m ending up with some wide table forms… so the position of the filters and buttons on the right becomes a big problem… they’re invisible unless you scroll left and they’re not where you would expect them to be… since people scan from right to left isn’t there any way i can move them… maybe with a custom script ?

Ken, you can do this with CSS. In the resources tab, click to add a new inline CSS resource. Open the css editor and enter div.nx-editor-header{float: left;} This should make all of your actions, searches, filters etc. float left. Let me know if doesn’t work or you have any issues.

for individuals also you can apply CSS if it is needed…
like only buttons on right filters on left…

for filters 

for save, cancel & search 


Hi Ktyler,
I think this one is helpfull to you

float: left;

Raghavendra Reddy