need some good use cases to show off skuid at a presentation

Hi All, I’ve been invited to show Skuid at the Ottawa Salesforce user group. There are couple Salesforce MVPs that regularly attend, so I’d like to make sure I’ve got some good stuff. I’ll have some things of my own but don’t have anything on the calendar, wizard or custom components. If anyone has anything they’d like to share I’d very much appreciate it. I’ll be sure to give credit to you as well. Also, Rob, I’d like to have someone from Skuid available to answer questions. Can you pass this is on and let me know. Thanks.

Pat - I’ll ask one of the Sales guys to reach out to you offline.  This is cool! 

Absolutely! Skuid alters how you think about use cases. Prior to Skuid, use cases were generally some thing to trudge through. Not anymore. So much fun working in this framework. Keep thinking about what will be possible once I learn javascript.

Do you have some use cases you’d suggest?

Do you have any good aggregate model pages I can sample?
Whoa!!! I can’t wait to see this charting component. Just sick possibilities.

Weeee!!! I refer to myself and others when I’m having fun!

Here are a few items. 

Opportunities report:  Tutorial     XML FILE

Key Performance Indicator Dashboard:   Tutorial   XML FILE

hehehehe … Weeeee!

Templates with a href wrapped around the entire HTML. Cool! Make the whole box a link. Add some CSS styling for onhover.

Pat, The Action Framework is a very noteworthy feature to highlight. Check out Zach’s deep dive for details and ideas: Regards, Irvin

@Pat - would love to see the presentation you shared at the User Group.  You come up with great ideas so it would be awesome to see some of the examples you shared.

TBH, that presentation bombed! It was too excited to stay focused on what I was doing. I kinda rambled through it. If I were to do it again, I’d simply set everything up with two users with page assignments set up for one and not the other. Then it would be easy compare and contrast regular salesforce layouts and skuid. There are tons of use you can glean simply from the SkuidCRM package. You can then a add a couple “on the fly” and rehearsed updates to the pages based on some common use cases you typically deal with. Especially a row action of some sort. I’d go with an action framework example leading to an obscurely related object. Maybe a drawer example as well. I’d talk about what it would to do these updates without Skuid. Talk about that fact that Skuid allows non-programmers to meet the needs of any particular use case without any programming whatsoever 19 times out of 20 while fulfilling the requirement many of the time live in discussion.

Much of the far out there things I’ve put together aren’t that easily implemented into another org. They almost always make use of many custom objects.

I’ll be putting together some videos together this month to highlight some things I’ve put together. They’ll be very short, so you can use them as well.

  1. Managed sidebar menu system for a completely skinned UI
  2. AppExchange post install setup wizard with drag and drop permission set assignment
  3. Simple CPQ and Project Task Creation Assignment based on Roles
When is your presentation?

I don’t have one, I just like to see examples of what others have done.  

The dashboard someone created with the table filters at the top was amazing (gets around the 3 filter max for dashboards in SFDC and can allow for more than 5 Dynamic Dashboards)

BTW - I got the connections working that we spoke about a few weeks ago.  Took a little work, but I’m very happy you taught me the variable concept.