Need help upgrading Brooklyn Update 1 - Iteration 6 (9.5.6) to Spark (12.1.3)

Trying to upgrade my Skuid instance but having trouble using the standard link

After following the wizard to upgrade Sandbox, i eventually get to the message that, It is taking too long to upgrade and i will be emailed when its completed, but i never receive the email and after waiting awhile no change to the Skuid under installed packages in my environment.

Any help with this? do i need to install incremental upgrades before i can jump to spark? Obviously missed a lot of content as i am still on Brooklyn.
Is there anyway to see a log? any potential error? is it still trying to upgrade and i am not aware? Is there any other way to upgrade outside of the link above?

Attempted to update to version 11.2.23  first but still no luck.

Any ideas?

Until further notice

Hi Peter, please see more information here: