Need help setting query strings for tab page that is built entirely of include pages.

We are a music school. We have numerous object for our school with the following parent child relationships:

Course, is the parent of
Class, which is the parent of both
Class Sessions Enrollments

I am now trying to build a detail page for the “class” object which will load when we select a specific class.

I have used a tabs to create the page. Each tab has an include page for basic fields on each each model. 


What do I need to put in the “Query String” for each include page to enable it to render the page with the class details?

Here are our API Names for these objects

Course = MMA_Course_Type_and_Year__c
Class = MMA_Group_Class__c
Class Session = MMA_Group_Class_Session__c
Enrollment = MMA_Group_Class_Enrollment__c

Here are the Skuid page for each “include page”



We figured this out!

Glad you figured it out.  Your includes needed to call data from the “Class” model - which in turn is set by the URL Parameter for its class record…