Need help registering module to create custom component

I am evaluating skuid to improve UI development for a managed package.  As part of this effort, I am recreating a custom vfPage with squid components but now I need to develop a couple custom components.  I created a “KPIChartBuilder” module by following these instructions and then created a KPIChartBuilderJS component by following method A in these instructions but my component does not show up in the ‘Components’ tab of the Skuid Page Builder.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thanks a lot, Jason.

Did you add your KPIChartBuilderJS file as static resource? Did you add your skuid page to the module?

I think the name for your builders JS file needs to be KPIChartBuildersJS , with an “s”, according to the 2nd bullet point in Step 1 of this page.

You may want to consider this option for packaging your components 
Component Packs and Custom Components.

Yes, I am using MavensMate to package my static resource in a similar fashion as with AngularJS so I don’t think this was it.

Thanks Irvin.  I was able to develop my custom component by following the instructions in the URL :slight_smile:

I was able to develop the component using the instructions Irvin mentions.  When I have a few cycles free then I’ll circle back and try this too.  Thanks for the feedback.