Need help on how to page include in popup

I’ve got a page that requires an Id for several models. How do I pass these values into the page include? I thought I was to use the Query String in the Page include in order to retrieve it as Param.
Query String: TPPId={{$}}
Popup Model Page/Url Parameter Value={{$Param.TPPId}}

Did I miss something?

These look good on the surface.  Some further questions: 
- What are you doing with the Url param in the included page?   If you use it for model conditions you don’t need the full $Param syntax.  You can just use the name “TPPId”

- Is there really data in the CurrentTask model in the parent page? 

Like this?


I do have date in the CurrentTask  model.

I’m using the URL param in the model condition of TPUCurrentTask.

No braces needed.  But this is case sensitive, so make sure the ID’s in the query string on the Page include component and the ID in the condition of the included page are exactly the same. 

er … uh … I can’t preview the page I’m trying to do the page include on. I should mention that I made this page by cloning another and cutting down the XML down to the components I wanted from the popup on the original page. I thought I had cut it down proper, but maybe not …  :P. It does open in the editor without issues, but won’t preview.

Oddly enough, it does open in the popup page include, but without any data as the model condition isn’t being met when there is a condition on the model. I removed the condition, and still nothing.

I think it’s time to build a test page for the page include to make I have the methodology right.

Ok. That was it for sure. Something with the page I wanted to include had something screwed up in the XML.

I have created a simple popup with a page title in the popup and then a similarly configured page title within the page of the page include.

Success! See pic.

All I have to do now is learn HTML, CSS, Javascript … what else would be good to add to the list. Seriously.

I am progressing through the tutorials but I will need the above to proceed through all of them.

Glad you had success.  Don’t worry too much about learning all those things in depth.  But you should add some Saleforce data modeling expertize.  That will go a long way…

Any particular links you can point me to?

The data model I’m using is somewhat rigid due to the fact that I’m using a Gantt Chart tool whose package is unmanaged but easily broken.

Since I don’t have enough skills in place I’ve little choice right now. That is until I’m building by own Gantt Chart tool with something like This will be ultimate goal in the 6-12 months down the road. Having this tool as a custom component in Skuid. That would be AWESOME!!!