Need Help - Intermittent redirect to previous detail page

Skuid Community,

One of our customers has been experiencing a problem intermittently.  They will navigate and edit several pages as is normal. Every once in a while they will look up and find that they have returned to the page that they were just working on.  Unfortunately, this has caused issues where they edit a record and did not intend to because they don’t realize they have been redirected back to their prior record.

We (admins) have not been able to reproduce this issue.  Anecdotally what seems to trigger the problem is using the search component on a master page, finding a record, editing the record and saving, then searching for another record, editing, and saving.  Sometimes the 2nd, 3rd, or nth ‘searched’ record causes the ‘redirect’.

We have reviewed the pages in question and we have not found any actions, code or model actions that would lead to a ‘redirect’.

I am interested in any ideas or avenues that I might explore to track this down.



Hi Bill - As you know, this one is likely going to be difficult to track down without adding some diagnostic code and/or logging network activity of the user. A few things: 1) Have you actually seen the problem occur? Is it possible that it’s just user error and they are clicking somewhere or possibly the back button? If would be very odd for a random direct to occur. 2) Do you have page caching enabled? Possibly something somewhere is cached? 3) Are all the pages Skuid pages? When a user “saves” is the user experience to stay on the same page or navigate away? If navigate, to where and using what technique? 4) have you checked your VF pages for anything that might be causing this? 5) Do you have any third-party JS modules loading on your pages that might be triggering the behavior? You’ve likely already thought of all the below but without a repro, I think your best bet would be to: 1) Sit with a user for a while and see if the problem occurs 2) Have the user capture video of themselves working and see if you can catch the problem and at least see it occur 3) Add some diagnostic logging to your pages 4) Enable logging of network activity for the user or have them capture browser network logs 5) Get a few gallons of coffee and spend countless hours trying to reproduce :frowning: Not sure how much any of the above helps, but it’s where my head would be given your situation.

Ooh yes.  Gallons of coffee. 

Actually having users record a video of their work has been very helpful in these situations.