Need help in saving the page by cancelling all render conditions and validations


I am trying to create a button “Save Inprogress”, this button should disable the render conditions and validations
Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in Advance.

Hey Linga,

I’ve tried answering this in the other thread:

Do you require further assistance with this?


Hi Janick,

Sorry for the delayed response. 
The thing is when I click on Quick save button, page should be saved even though the user does not fill the required fields.

I tried to include below script and button actions on the quick save button, but its not updating the records

Action Type: Run Snippet: validateQuickSave
Action Type: Close all popups

var params = arguments[0],    $ = skuid.$;

var myModel = skuid.$M(‘MODEL NAME’);
var rows = myModel.getRows();
var dfd = $.Deferred();

$.each(rows, function(i, row) {
    if(row.Customer_Name__c === ’ ’ || row.Customer_Name__c !== ’ ')

I know something is missing or I am not using the right approach… but I definitely need help in resolving this issue.

Thank you so much for the follow up.