need filters on search component

Not having filters on the search component is getting more problematic as time goes on for us. Preferably, the search component would be able to return results of a model as opposed to a salesforce object, but any filtering by field value would be fine.

Hi Raymond

Do you want to be able to exclude or include specific things from the search? For example: You are looking for a user and have the email address.
Now you only want to search in the “Email address” field and don’t search over the whole Object? Is that right?



Hi, Janick One use case is that we have an “active” check box on contacts. In a search component where the return object is contacts I want it to return only contacts that are active. This same scenario applies to 4 other objects. Another case is that I have a custom object that brings in data from a third party. Each record is assigned a “representative”. Each representative is related to a user. So I would want a search component that returns records that are assigned to the representative related to the currently logged in user. I currently do this kind of filtering with tables and card decks using conditions. It would be really helpful if I could put conditions on the search component as well. Thanks

Hey Raymond,

I like it! Thanks for the further description of the idea.
I’ll bring this up when talking to the team today and will discuss adding this as an enhancement request for the Developers.



Raymond and Janick, thanks for these use cases! We’ll certainly go over this one in planning with the team, as we have a number of requests for more advanced search (filtering, faceted search, multi-model, etc) to review. More info to come.

We have similar use case in dealing with active/inactive and location specific equipment. Would be very helpful.

We are resorting to xml hacking to accomplish filters.  Our use case (which we have tons where we use the Search Component) is a Product Search to drive our custom skuid-based CPQ.  But only search products that are Active and Quotable.  It would be much better if we could easily add the filters.

We’d also like to control the fields that get searched.  Another use case: we have a search component to find an Order.  Users can type in either the Order number or the customer’s Purchase Order Number.  I don’t want to see matches where the value searched on is in another record’s address or something.

There is a fields setting in the Return Objects section in the search that I think limits to searching just those fields.

I see where you can search All text fields, but I am looking for Specific Text fields (search PO_Number__c but not Street_Address__c)

Hi Jackson, any updates on when we can expect this feature, or other Search component updates?

Chandra any chance you could give me a snipit of the code you are using to do the search xml hack?   I am needing to do it as well.

found a link that has the code!  

Similar issue. Only want to show active accounts in the search box. Also want to only show accounts of a specific Type. Filters on the search box would be extremely beneficial. Has anyone found a workaround to achieve this?

Workaround here:

Thanks for this!

Just noticed that… Thanks!

Similar question here - can I limit the search to a couple of fields?  On the contact, there are two fields we want to search - Name, and a custom text field.  (We don’t want to search address fields or emails, so we can’t use the “all text fields” option.)