Need details on JQueryUI tooltip parameters

I think you use JQueryUI tooltip on your row action icons (and elsewhere). Would you be able to share the parameters you use (e.g. show, hide, etc.)? I want to replicate those settings elsewhere in our app so that we can have consistency of tooltip animation. We use them on our custom nav bar and potentially elsewhere. I’ve attached a screenshot of our tooltip (in a fetching orange) on our vertical nav bar. Muchas gracias.

Any news on this one? Thx.

Hey Glenn, sorry for the the delayed response. With the Summer 13 release Skuid moved to jQuery UI version 1.10, which now includes tooltips. Is that the info you need? EDIT: I suspect not, as I’m rereading your question. Stand by for an improved answer. :slight_smile: Here are the parameters I could find for tooltip:

position: { my: 'center bottom', at: 'center top-10', collision: 'none' }, show: { delay: 700 } 

Hey John … the question is specifically around the effect(s) you use when you show and hide the tooltip, e.g. blind, fold, etc. and the specifics around easing, duration, etc. We have our own JQueryUI tooltips working well, but I want them consistent with yours because I’m fussy.

Aside from the initial settings above, everything else we do with tooltip is the default behavior (such as I can find in our source code).

Thanks John. I’ve put that into my tooltips and it looks consistent with the Skuid behaviour, so I think you’ve found everything. All good.

No problemo.