Need a global save option for all models on a page?

I have a page with multiple tables and sets of fields that I want the user to be able to click on to make changes, but it’s not very user friendly if they have to click save in each section in order to save changes. Is there any way to add a “save all” button/feature to a page when there are multiple tables or field sets? Is there any way to do automatic saving of changes to data on a page instead of having to click a “Save” button after changes are made? Any creative solutions to this issue?

Hey Peter, you’re absolutely right. And there is a way to do a “save all” button. Basically it’s a page-level save/cancel action that you can do with the Page Title component. Check out 5a & 5b in this tutorial: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation

Great, that works. Thanks for the link. What about auto-saving? Any possible solutions at this time?

It’s something we’ve talked about, but haven’t implemented yet. Originally we were deciding between a save button and a page that essentially saves every action you take (kind of like Google Docs). In the end we thought folks would want to be able to look over what they’d done before they saved. Now adding it as an option for the page, that’s not something we’ve specifically talked about. Feel free to add it as an idea on here. :slight_smile:

Is this only possible utilizing page title?  Anyway to do this as a Global Action on a Table or perhaps even a template?  Sometimes when users scroll down there are a few different fields and without some sort of static moving save (is that possible to have a static bar like in your visual page editor) - they have to go back up to the top to save and/or click a bunch of saves.

You can put the page title component anywhere on the page and simply remove the Title and Subtitle text.  This works pretty well.  Maybe its Kludgy but its supported.

In addition,  you can pull a panel set onto your page and give it one of the scrolling properties.   But the save and cancel button in the first column (Make it narrow) and maybe add summary data or other actions.   Then put all your detail in the next panel.  It will scroll, but the first panel will not.