Navigation Component questions & possible enhancements (Banzai)

The new navigation component is a great addition to the Skuid component library.  In working through the feature, I encountered a few questions, some of which might have answers or possibly turn in to enhancement ideas/requests.

1) Is there a way to “fill” navigation items directly from a model?

2) Is there an API for the navigation component to add/remove/etc. items?

3) Is there a way to have a manual menu behave like “required” meaning that one of the items would be the “active/label” instead of a separate “caption”?  Would be similar to the way “Salesforce Apps” doesn’t have a caption it is just whichever “app” is active.

4) If #3 is possible (or could be added), is there a way to indicate which menu item should be “active”?  For example, a custom navigation menu built without salesforce apps/tabs would need to show which one the user is on (similar behavior to salesforce apps with a way to indicate how to tell which is the current item).

5) Is there a way to set the “_target” for menu items that comes from stock lists (salesforce apps, tabs, etc.)?


So for sure… #4 is on our list.  It is essential that you be able to identifiy which tab is currently active in some way.  The other items are fascinating and we will add them to consideration.