navigation component: division containing page include ignores vertical align property

I have a master page which is primarily a navigation header. One of the divisions of that header contains just a page include. The division is set to fit to content, with an alignment set to center. The included page is just a single dropdown-style navigation component.

No matter what I set the alignment property of the division in the master page to, the division always aligns to the top.

Ah, Looks like I was wrong on this one. I was getting tripped up with this:

 .nx-include-panel {min-height: 100px;}


So is it working as you’d like now or are you still stuck? 


Thanks for following up Karen. Everything is working as expected. I thought it was aligning to the top, but it was really aligning center. It just had a minimum height that was bigger than the rest of my header, which made it look like it was aligning to the top. I just added some css to remove the minimum height, and everything looks as it should.