Name of button that launched snippet

Is it possible to grab the DOM Id of the button in a page title that was clicked to run the snippet?

I can find the Id of the page title that the button was in by going to:


But is there anyway to find out which button from that page title was clicked? I see initiatorId, but that is not the same as the DOM Id I gave the button.

Look at the Advanced Tab of the button properties.  There you can define the DOM Id… 

Hi Rob, I had defined the DOM Id for my buttons on the advanced tab and it still was showing me the random number id for the button in my script. However, this morning I tried again and it was working! The only change I made was upgrading to Rockaway from an older Banzai version, so maybe that’s why. Either way it seems to be working now.

If the pagetitle button is a ‘run javascript’ button (not a multiple actions, last time I checked) then the the snippet will get passed arguments[0].button, which has lots of goodies.