My skuid page is really big

I think I may have hit the limit in XML characters that skuid is capable of storing in SF.

I say this because i had to delete some txt from the xml just now in order to add the closing > to the xml

Hi Brandon,

To test whether you have in fact exceeded the XML size limit, here’s a line of JavaScript you can run from the JavaScript Console in the Page XML Editor that will tell you either “Limit Exceeded” or “Under the limit”:

(skuid.$M('page').getFieldValues(skuid.$M('page').data[0],skuid.builder.core.layoutFields,true).join('').length>=(32768*5))?'Limit Exceeded':'Under the limit';

Zach, I ran the script it did not return that it had to many characters, however I just changed a label and saved the skuid page and it did the same thing, it is cutting off the last > on the skuid closing statement, could it be a number of lines? I am at 2054

Note that as of 2018, there’s a small change that needs to happen in that script to get it to work (the script as is throws a ‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined’ error).

(skuid.$M('page').getFieldValues(skuid.$M('page').data[0],skuid.builder.core.getLayoutFields(),true).join('').length>=(32768*5))?'Limit Exceeded':'Under the limit';

Has this limit changed recently? We are getting Limit Exceeded with the above script, and are nearly 5x over 32768*5 at 560000+, however it’s not cutting off the XML, it’s just running really really slow. We’re going to break it up into page includes, because there’s a significant delay in doing normal tasks in the page builder, but other than slowness the page continues to function (whereas in the past I’ve had that issue of XML cutting off). 

Your page is too big. :slight_smile: A while back, (I’m not sure when) Salesforce increased the length of long text areas from 32768 to 131072. So you should be able to go up to 131072*5. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

But there’s still 861,000 characters available on the Page object! haha yeah… getting up above 560,000 makes development really tedious. Click, wait… 

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: