My picklist fields have dematerialized :-/

Perhaps I flew too close to the sun on this one, but I implemented the Materialize framework to speed up the custom work I’ve doing on top of Skuid’s new theme editor. It’s working like a charm, for the most part. Here’s the problem:

The Standard Field Renderer for Picklists does not display in edit mode. When I change the field renderer to radio buttons, it works beautifully. Here are the two fields renderers in both Read mode and Edit mode:

So, I believe that my issues are a conflict between Skuid and Materialize. Do any of the brains with legs that work at Skuid have any wisdom on how to get around this?

Can you post the code for your custom field renderer that uses Materialize, and describe how you are loading Materialize into your Skuid Page? 

Hey Zach – Thanks for the response. 1. The problem is with the standard Skuid field renderer so there isn’t any code to post. 2. I’m using a static resource for materialize CSS and JS on a parent page. PS - you need a hobby. The Banzai release was so aggressive, that you are making us look lazy out here. Your team knocked it out of the park.

Does anyone have insight on this? 

I love the look and feel of my site with Materialize. Is it possible that I could eliminate some code from the Materialize CSS file?