Multiselect options like Excel

It would be very convenient to have multiselect options similar to how Excel handles it. Right now, even if you turn off auto-filtering, you have to type in your keyword and select each item. It also doesn’t show you in the list of options which ones you’ve already selected.

Compare to Excel where you can select multiple items after typing in the keyword very easily.

This would be a huge time saver when trying to filter based on many similar named items.


Check out this tutorial… and see if that helps … 



I believe Craig was asking that the multiselect filters for reference fields behave like multiselect filters for multi/picklist fields. And I agree.

Just yesterday I had to create my own mutliselect ‘filter’ on a reference field by using a complicated two-model and ui-only field system with inline javascript on pageload…

The ability to have a truly multiselect reference field filter would have saved me an hour of work.

Karen… this ought to be an idea, not an answered question. We are not misunderstanding an existing feature. We are asking for the existing feature to be improved.


Ahhhh, sorry, my misunderstanding of what Craig was asking for … I’ll change it to an idea under consideration so the devs can consider it for a future release. Thanks for the clarification Matt!!!


Yep - exactly what I mean. Thanks for clarifying.