Multiple "nx-page sk-loading" on one Page after adding Model with REST Source

I came across this really odd problem where I have two “nx-page sk-loading” containers. The “real” one (the one which has content and is supposed to render) goes away and renders just fine (#2 in the image below). But the first one (#1 in the image below) always states “Loading…”.

This happened after I added a model which points to a model-service with an external REST API endpoint. When I remove the model from the page, everything is loading fine (only one “Loading…”) but when I add it again, the above described happens. The oddest thing: All the data from the API gets loaded and everything else as well, there is just a duplicate “Loading…”.
The REST API endpoint is an SSL encrypted URL and is added to the “Remote Site Settings” in SalesForce (enabled and disabled the “Disable Protocol Security” option, but that didn’t change anything). I also tried multiple endpoints (completely different APIs) which also didn’t change anything.

We already have some Google-API’s included in our pages, with which we have no issue with.

Writing some CSS to avoid this issue is not an option for me (we have multiple page includes on the page).

What skuid version? 

7.36 (Banzai update 8)

I’ve seen this before. It’s a bug. I think it happens in rare cases where client side models finish loading before webfonts.

Thanks for the reply Ben.

Do you know any working fixes for that?

I created a hack using some CSS and JS (it’s somehow impossible to select only the first sk-loading), but the user still gets two “Loading…” displayed on page load. After the page is loaded the first “Loading…” is hidden. But that shouldn’t be a permanent solution :wink:

I can’t think of a simple CSS Only workaround. This fix should be in Banzai Update 9 though.

Ok, thanks
I’ll look for a better workaround in the meantime

Ok, after Ben told me what the problem is, we were able to figure out a fix for that.

We removed all the Webfonts from the theme builder completely and added the following inline CSS to the theme:

@import url(<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//fontsgoogleapiscom/cssfamilyMuli">https:&#47;&#47;fonts&#46;googleapis&#46;com/css?family=TheFontFamily)</a>;<br />&#46;nx-page, #skuidEditBtnContainer, &#46;ui-dialog, &#46;blockMsg, &#46;ui-multiselect-menu {<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; font-family: "TheFontFamily", TheFontFamily; }

This resolved the problem for us, although it shouldn’t be a permanent solution.

But for everyone facing the same problem this can be used as a temporary workaround.

This fix is now available from Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before in either the Banzai Update 9 release or the Rockaway Release.

I am having the same issue on a page that didn’t have any problems until this weekend.


Are you still seeing this if you update to Rockaway Point Release Iteration 6? In it was a fix for a bug involving double Loading messages.