Multiple history tables / records in one Skuid table?

I’d like to have the history of tracked field changes from an Account record and the related Contact, Case, and Opportunity records all appear in one table on an Account page, sorted in descending order of the date of the change.

What is the best way to do this?


There is not going to be a declarative way to do this - because history is not a single object.  Each object’s history is a separate object.  The Skuid table component can only be bound to a single model (single object). 

But you could bring in all the history objects as separate models on your page, and then group them together into a separate model that was built on the fly.  This is going to take some Javscript to do, but…

Building a model on the fly:
Move the data from existing models to the new model:  Reuse concepts here:

Have fun and let us know how it goes…


@andy did you ever do this?