Multiple Clicks on Queue Item causes multiple instances of Page Include

Simple queue with page include. Quick multiple clicks causes multiple page include instances. I was able to get 5. Is there something I am missing? Is there a way to control that effect. If I single click a different entry it clears to the single item. 
But users are prone to double click…


What happens if you first block the UI, open the page include, and then unblock the UI in the action framework?

We just had a lengthy discussion on the UI blocking here:

I believe the issue you’ll run into is that with the latest version, the page include update will block the include section as an out of the box behavior and adding a blockUI will create a redundant message like in the screenshot in the other thread.

If you’re not seeing the page include update cause a Loading message to appear it’s probably a version issue that has since been corrected and should help with your user experience.  I’m conscious of this because we use a lot of page includes and after upgrading to Millau 11.0.1 from Brooklyn 10.0.5, we started seeing redundant UI Blocks, which wasn’t a good experience.  This is all corrected now, but it highlighted the versioning difference.

I am using 11.0.1

john you are correct. A redundant message does appear. The whole UI experience is funky at that point.

That said, not including the blockUI causes multiple clicks to add multiple instances of the page 3 clicks= 3 page includes. I am not sure how that is even possible. the update page include doesn’t block UI.

neither really works. What I missing. I am literally replicating the SKUID queue tutorial as an exercise and this happens.

Thanks for the help!

It looks like there are still some inconsistencies with where the page include blocking occurs based on commentary in the thread I mentioned above.  My only suggestion is to keep an eye on it.  That said, I have a queue that updates a page include on 11.0.1 and it does indeed do the block on that section.  Double or triple clicking does cause multiple reloads, but the block is pretty immediate and it doesn’t feels like you’re trying to break something when making the second click.

Thanks John. If it were just reloads I would live with that but it actually includes 3 instances of the page. lol.