Multiple Actions to Update Field and Save Model Not Working Reliably

Hi, we’ve created a model that takes multiple actions:

1. Update a field
2. Save model 

And it doesn’t seem to always work. I’ve ran a report on it and some contacts have the value updated and many don’t. How should I go and troubleshoot this?

Can you clarify a few things. 

1.  Where are your actions being triggered?  From Model Actions?  From a button on the table? 

2. Can you post a screen shot of your action definition properties (fromt he builder). 

I have some suspicions, but your further clarification would be helpful… 

Do you have any validation rules and/or triggers that may be getting in the way?

Hey Irvin, thank you for your reply. We do not have triggers or validations on the actions.

Hi Rob, here’s a screenshot -

I think that the model save action is failing for certain contacts. In the Save Model changes item in your action sequence there will be an extra button next to the action name.  This lets you add an “on error” action.  Here I’d reccomend using the “block ui and post message”  - and set the time out for a second or two.  

This will help you at least debug, and discover why the model is not being saved.   I’m guessing there are required fields that are missing on the object… 

Rob, I think I’ve located the issue. We have two different pages where we did not create action on the second page. Thank you for pointing me to the Show Message and Block Action functionality!

This has been resolved! Thanks Skuid Team!

You are very welcome.  Glad things are working for you. 

Hm… Rob, the issue still occurs. If I add the “block UI and show message” how should I use that to debug?