Multi select picklist is not working

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  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Chicago Update 2
  • Release version:
  • Platform: Salesforce

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When editing a value of multipicklist field it will just scroll to the top and close the picklist, multi picklist is not usable here is a video picklist issue.mp4 - Google Drive


Can you confirm whether you have recently updated the Skuid package in your Salesforce org? If so, please make sure you have updated out of date themes and design systems as well. If this needs to be done, you’ll see an “Update All” button in the upper right corner of the Design Systems page in the Skuid app.

Also, can you watch in the browser’s JS console while you reproduce the issue, and share any error messages you might see?

I did Update all after the upgrade, The multipicklist is not working when the page is long enough that you have to scroll to get to the form, there is no error on console. this is the xml file i created to replicate the issue MultiPicklistIssue.xml - Google Drive

I recorded a new video to demonstrate the issue. Please check Multipicklist issue.gif - Google Drive

The one that on the top of the page works, but the one that on the bottom which you need to scroll not working.

Thank you for providing the XML and the gif. I am able to reproduce this behavior as well, even in Skuid release 14.4.12 which was released this week.


I found that setting the form to Edit mode allows the picklist to remain open - the page still scrolls up but you can then scroll back down and choose an option.

I also found that setting the field’s “Display as” attribute to checkbox list or multi-button group prevents the issue.

This does appear to be a product issue, so I will bring it to the attention of our engineering team. We will update you here when a fix is available.

Hi Mark,

what is the status of this, is this included on the new release 14.4.13?