Multi-Select Multiple Conditions

Is there a way to change the manual select option list to a picklist? I have several tables with manual filters that use the manual select option.

For example, I would like a user to be able to filter to “Need to Follow Up” and “VM Team Vendor.” Or any number of the other custom conditions.

Thanks for the help.

No way to do exactly what you are looking for.  

Here is a slight alternative.  Add a page title in a panel beside your table.  Add 2 buttons for each entry in your drop down.  (One for on and one for off).  In each case there will be two buttons that are conditionally rendered so only one shows  (based on a UI Only field)
1.  “turn on condition”  which will activate (and maybe send a value) a model condition, query the model and then set the value of the UI only field to true
2. “turn off condition”  deactiveates the condition, querys the model and sets the value of the UI Only field to False.   This button should also be of style “Secondary” (advanced tab)  so that it looks obviously different. 

You can mess with the CSS for that page title so that all buttons have the same width and there is no margin between them.  This will create a sort of toggle bar. 

Hope that sketch helps.