Multi-select Filters on Tables

Skuid currently has two Table Filter types: -Select Option (where you pick one out of a list of multiple options, the selection of which performs one or more “effects”) -Toggle (an on/off switch, where one or more “effects” are performed when the toggle is activated. It would be very powerful if Skuid added a “Multi-select” filter type, where you could choose one or more of the available items. Use cases for this include: -Filtering on various Permutations of Picklist values, say the “Status” field on the Case object, e.g. “Status is ‘Closed’ or ‘New’ or ‘Escalated’”. Or imagine a filter on State or Country fields: “where State is ‘AZ’,‘CA’,‘DE’,‘RI’”, etc. Currently, you’d have to add a separate Filter option for each Permutation — practically speaking, this is not feasible when there’s more than 3 or 4 values in the Picklist. - Filtering on records that have one or more related “Junction Object” records. For instance, say you are managing an after school program and have a “Group” object, tracking all of your after school groups. You have 100’s of Groups. You then have a “Group Affiliation” object connecting Contacts to Groups. You then are on a Table of Contacts, and you want to filter to show only Contacts that are members (e.g. have a Group Affiliation record for) a select Subset of Groups. The reason you do this from the Contacts table is that you want to show unduplicated Contact records (e.g. not counting a Contact more than once), so you could say “How many of my Contacts are in one or more the following Groups, not counting a Contact more than once”. Right now this is impossible to do in standard Salesforce without hard-coding these “subsets” of Groups into a veritable horde of Reports that differ only in the set of Groups you want to look at.

Yes. Yes, and yes. This would be amazing!

I just started building table filters today, and assumed this would be the way it works. Definitely would be a good addition! For example, on an activity table, one filter could control the due date field, and another could control the status field. By picking between the two filters, you would be able to select not completed tasks due this week, completed tasks due this month, etc, by manipulating the two fields!

Greg, a note of clarification here: Skuid does already allow you to mix and match multiple Filters at once. However, what this Idea is speaking to is to have, within a single Filter, the ability to see checkboxes next to each possible item, allowing you to for instance, check multiple items at once, e.g. “New”, “In Progress”, “Closed”.

Oh, okay. Whew! I told you I thought it would be like that already. Feels good to be right! :slight_smile:

Zach, I was thinking about this today, and I want to make sure that when implemented, make sure there is a way to designate whether the conditions will be “AND” all the checked filter sources or “OR” all the checked filter sources.

That would be HUGE. Already it is a relief to filter on skuid tab pages because as of now SF forces you to set up, configure, and save a gabillion Views, one for every value in a pick-list or filter. Adding this as a functionality would be incredible!

Zach … I’m interested to know what your design might look like. Will you go with something similar to the filter feature in Google Spreadsheet? It does the checkbox next to each entry like you described rather neatly. Greg - Multiple checked items on one filter is naturally “or” logic. I think the “and/or” logic that you describe is more for multiple table filters, yes? That’s a nice idea, but would seem to be separate to this. I wonder if that one starts leading towards list views similar to what Salesforce has natively, i.e. ability to set a number of filter conditions with and/or logic and save that as a saved list/filter.

Glenn, I think our first pass would probably be to have it look/act like our current Multiselect Picklist renderer. I also agree with you about the “or” logic — essentially the Multi-select Filter would be applying an “in” operator at the SOQL level.

This is something that is definitely needed. We purchased Skuid so we could migrate from our existing edit grid, which was clunky for other reason; however, it’s a huge loss in functionality for use to not be able to multi select filters. Another thing that’s really needed for us is to be able to “Apply Filters”. We have several filters and for us to have to wait through applying each filter to be able to select the next one is also a bit clunky. Perhaps I need to create a new Idea for that one! I’m adding a view of how our current option to multi-select looks.

Krystal, great idea about the “Apply Filters” and “Clear Filters” buttons. We’re forking this into a separate idea.

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Buttons to Apply Filters and Clear Filters all at once

Multi-select Filters were implemented in the Skuid Superbank release.