Multi-select Filters + Conditions - Inconsistency between releases

Defect/Issue Description:
Condition value is not cleared for multi-select filters after user selects and un-selects option(s).

Though, for single-select condition the condition value is cleared after user un-selects an option.

Furthermore, in release 13.0.15 the value used to be cleared.


  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Chicago
  • Release version: 13.0.15 → 14.4.9
  • Platform: Salesforce

Action Performed:
In page editor

  1. Create a model with with a condition that allows multiple values.
  2. Create a multi-select filter for that model.

In page view

  1. select one or more options for the filter. You can observe that the condition that been enabled and the condition value(s) have been set.
  2. Un-select all of the options for the filter. You can observe that the condition has been disabled, but the conditon value has not been cleared.

I use the following via JS Console to observe the condition:

con = model.getConditionByName('example');

Expected Result:
A list with empty string, [''], should be stored in condition.values, at least according to 13.0.15.

Actual Result:
condition.values contains values of previous selected options.