Multi-Select filter option for non-picklist fields

Any thougths for a possible solution or a workaround?

I’d also like to know if there’s a trick to make this work.  It’s possible to create a select filter with manual options sourced from a field on an aggregate model, essentially making a text field work like a native picklist.  It doesn’t seem like a stretch to do this with multi-select, but you don’t get a manual option for multi-select filters.

EDIT:  Actually the hack works for this case too!  If you create a select filter and set up your options manually (in my case from an aggregate model that returns all unique values of a text field) then all you need to do is edit the XML and change filter type from “select” to “multiselect”.  

K. There is a simple solution to this if you know where to tweak in the XML and how to set the condition.

The solution is the same as posted 12 months ago with one additional tweak. Set in the XML autocompthreshold=“25” to either “” or a bigger number such as “500”.

So, to recap the steps.

  1. Create a condition where value is set to “Multiple specified values”
  2. Create a Filter where “Pick Options and Condition(s)” is set to manual. Select the condition from step 1. Set the Source with “Source Type” set to Snippet. Type in your snippet name.
  3. Open the XML and update two parameters on your filter as per the pic below.

Thanks again Pat.  (or should I say mB Pat).  Its great when an old answer serves another purpose. 

Hi Pat - What did you do to be able see the soql in the developer console?  I’m using this method, but when I deselect all, apply, it appears the table is filtered as Region = “” (none).  The second time I deselect all, apply, then I get the expected Region = any.

Here you go.

Thanks for the fishing lesson, Pat.  Hope you have a great weekend!

HI All,

Is it possible to use Manal picklist options for multi select filters on Table?

I can see manal option for single select filter only.