Multi-Select Bug (Clicking on Text field after opening a multi-select)


We’ve encountered a bug with the multi-select fields, where you get some strange behavior when you click on a text field with an open multi-select selection popup. It only seems to be an issue in IE.

Here’s how to replicate:
1) Click on a multi-select field
2) Click on a text field
3) Press space

What happens when you press space is that the multi-select popup opens up once again. This only happens when you click on the text field with the multi-select open - everything works fine if you click away or click the X first.


Kartik.  I’ve confirmed this bug in our current version of Skuid.  

But I’ve also looked in our dev org, and found that it is fixed there.  This fix will be part of our next release which will be available soon… 

Great to hear it, Rob. Thanks for the quick response!