Moving pages to sandbox

I tried moving my production pages to sandbox by using this tutorial: I packaged them up, then I opened the static resource and did the save as .json . I then uploaded this JSON file into the static resources in sandbox. When I try to unpack the file does not appear as an option to unpack. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Raymond -

For some reason, SFDC always ends up setting the Resource Type to application/octet-stream when you upload the .json file via the SFDC UI.

When viewing page packs and page assignments in Skuid, it filters for static resources that are application/json.

After uploading the file, what you’ll need to do is change the Content Type of the static resource to application/json.  There are a few different ways to do this, none of which are declarative however.  In my case, I’ve always just use the metadata api to change the metadata using MavensMate.  You could also use the metadata api or even SOQL via the developer console or similar tool.

To me this is an SFDC bug as it should properly identify the content type of the file being uploaded or at least “ask” for it if it’s unable to determine.   

Thanks Barry! I’ll give it a try