Most awesome idea ever (reusable component groups / layouts)

So I’ve been thinking about custom components… And I had the following idea. A lot of us use specific configurations of components a lot of times. For example, some of us will always want a table with the same panelset and page title, or a tabset with the same tabs, etc. To keep recreating these configurations can get a little repetitive/annoying. I would suggest that there be a page builder for custom components! It would look pretty much the same as the current edit page screen but as a separate page called “Component Builder”. Users could drag and drop standard components into a specific configuration that is used very often, and save that configuration. Skuid would then make this saved component show up in the standard Components tab to be able to be dragged into the page! The tricky part will be what models/fields should the users see in this new Component Builder page, and how will they associate the components with different models? I would say that they shouldn’t see models or fields on the Component Builder page, but rather skuid should give the option in the edit page screen, when the component gets dragged into the page, to add models per component. So if you built a table plus a field editor, for each component, skuid should make you choose a model to associate the component with! This would significantly increase the speed of building more complex pages. And from what I can see on the back end… everything is pretty much built already. It would basically let users define chunks of XML that they use often, to be drag and drop components!

TL;DR: Skuid should make a custom component builder.

Moshe, I so totally agree — this idea has kept coming up in my mind while I’m out running, and every day it seems more and more compelling. Definitely under consideration.

+1 for that great idea -> I always find myself of repeatingly building the same blocks on similar pages.

Cool Idea. A lot easier than copying code where I want those models.