More than one Skuid page on a Single VisualForce Page

Hi Guys,

I want to run more than one Skuid page on a single VisualForce page (with multiple skuid:page/ components).

Reading the commentary at… it seems like this should be possible, however I can only ever get the first Skuid component within the VisualForce page to render.

Any ideas?

Can you post your VF page markup?

Rob, Just tried on my end and only the first Skuid page is loaded.  Checked the JS Console and no errors.  As you know, I am running RC1.

Dan,  why are you not using a page include in the first Skuid page to include the second page - instead of trying to create a second page in VisualForce? 


You are correct, this does not currently work, as the tutorial would suggest — any uses of skuid:page/ after the first use will not result in any content for the subsequent pages appearing on the screen — the first page’s contents are shown, but not the second, third, etc.'s contents.

We are working to address this, we are treating it as a bug.


Hi Guys,

Zack: Noted. Thanks for the heads up.

For context, this post is related to Glenn’s previous post about cutting up a large page for performance. (…).

A few months ago the page became unacceptably slow, so we implemented Zack’s earlier suggestion to cache the page in VF and to load model data asynchronously. This has definitely helped.

Notwithstanding this, we are rapidly running out of headroom so I’m exploring our options. Regarding Rob’s suggestion to use page includes- I’ve tried this in the past and found performance to be an issue. Additionally, splitting the page into multiple pages would have the added bonus of giving us back/forward buttons without implementing with history API- this is something we have wanted for a while and have not made time to do. Two birds with one stone as they say.

Thanks for your help and have a pleasant new years eve all,
Dan Arnison (PractiFI)

This will be fixed in the next Superbank release candidate for Superbank (version 6.5+).