More tab highlight problems

I can’t figure out why the custom object tab refuses to highlight when using a skuid page assignment override. I’m using the instructions from the tutorial, but still after clicking on the tab the “Home” page highlights instead. Here’s the Page Assignment:

And the VF page:

And the Skuid page properties:

Why isn’t the tab highlighting? Hopefully I’m just being dumb and missing something obvious, but what?

Did you try this per the troubleshooting section?

  • In your VF page markup, try changing {!redirect}? to {!redirect}& or vice versa.

Do you need recordSetVar?

Hi Peter,

I’m guessing your org has a managed namespace. If so, you need to include your namespace in the override property.

mynamespace__Class__c should probably work.

Also, it works if you just use the label of the tab as well. Let me know if either of those methods don’t work.

By “managed namespace” do you mean a Salesforce custom domain ( sandbox? Sites URL? Portal? Community? We actually have all of the above - I’m testing currently in a community of a full sandbox of an org that has a “my” domain. I haven’t gotten any of the combinations of anything mentioned above to work.

Peter, I believe he means a namespace.  ala Setup > Build > Create > Packages 

The easiest option is to just use the label (probably “Class” in your case)

We haven’t created any packages, so there isn’t a “managed namespace” that I know of. Using the tab/object label doesn’t work.