More deep dive videos

Hi Skuid team,

While I appreciate the effort in producing deep dive videos, can we have more?  How about asking the community to vote on topics?  They have been invaluable to me as I have scaled the Skuid learning curve.

Would love to see more Mobile examples. How about an Advanced Developer series?

Do you have Skuid t-shirts and/or decals?  How can a community member earn one or purchase one?


Thanks for your ideas. 

After we finish the Winter Relesase we’ll circle back to do some more deep dive videos.  I agree that they are really helpful.  It just takes a lot of time.  (We are working hard on our educational material though and will have some exciting news in the near future! ) 

We don’t sell schwag.  But we do occasionally honor community members as “Champions”.   So hang out here and share your expertize here as you grow in skills.  We will honor ( and send the schwag )…