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Official Certification launch

Showcase your app building skills with an official Skuid Certification! Our certification exam is now live and we’ve got all of the study tools you need to earn this impressive new credential.

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Edinburgh Update 2

Edinburgh release update 2

Our second update release of 2023 arrives later this month. New actions and interactions for more dynamic pages, custom domains on Skuid NLX, and now in beta on Skuid SFX: deploy pages as LWCs in Lightning.

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custom formulas

Take your data to the next level with custom aggregation formulas

Adding just a little bit of code can take your app from good to great. Our custom formulas make it easy to give your application a quick boost. Here’s how to get started.

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Fast frontend delivery: how to rapidly build intuitive, branded business apps with Skuid and AWS October 17, 12pm ET

Join us for a webinar featuring AWS

Want to deliver branded form submission experiences without compromising on functionality or design? Learn how Skuid can layer custom UX on top of your existing systems.
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Customer spotlight: Hexagon

Sensor technology company Hexagon needed a better way to engage partners it gained through a recent acquisition, so they joined forces with Skuid to create a user-friendly portal.

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Get inspired on our Community

Inspiration on the Community

Skuid builders! Check out the new Inspiration section on this Community site where fellow enthusiasts are sharing the cool things they’ve created and ideas for new projects.

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Connect with us at Dreamforce

The biggest Salesforce conference of the year is right around the corner. Find us at the event (look for the Skuid hats)! What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments.:point_down: