Modify New Event Pop-Up and Organize Calendars by Assigned

Hi Skuid Community,

Attempting to modify the New Event Pop-Up when creating a New Event. Not sure how to add additional Salesforce Fields to the Pop-Up.

Also attempting to organize the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendar by the Assigned To person. Trying to make the Calendar to be as similar to Outlook. Followed the Calendar tutorial found in the Skuid Tutorials, but I’m stuck on this part.

Any and all help is appreciated.


Hi Patrick. Instead of using the default popup, you can set up your own popup by clicking on the event source of your choosing, then clicking Event Behavior in the properties pane, and setting Event On-click Behavior to “Show custom popup.” Then, configure the on-click popup, and you’ll be able to add a field editor, or any other components into the popup that you’re after. You’ll need to connect them to the appropriate model(s), of course. Finally, you’ll want to keep in mind that changing this here will change the popup both for new events and for editing events. 

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the help. The answer to the Popup worked perfectly. Still working on how to organize the Calendar by Assigned. Looking to create a weekly and daily view for Managers to see only their Team’s Events and have a multi select picklist to choose Sales Rep/s.

The Weekly view is Grouped with Lanes for the Sales Rep but it is very clunky due our Org having over 100 Sales Reps worldwide.

The Daily Calendar organized by Assigned has a lot of duplicates.

Any and all help is appreciated.