Modify filtered results from a popup lookup?

I have limited experience with Skuid…no JavaScript, no snippet creation…just basic page building. We have had help building out our pages including a Calendar tab with add Event popup capability. Our remaining issue is that when using the Lookup tool on the New Event Popup, the resulting filtered table offers a list of identifiers that are not useful to us. Is there a way to change the type of results that the filtered table offers? Thanks!

In that new event pop up, select the lookup field. There is a filter property for the field where you specify any number of limits to the list available for the lookup. This will also filter the table shown when you click the magnifying glass.

Thanks, Rob. I have seen the option to edit individual lookup fields on pop-ups when working with other pop-ups. But for Event, I don’t see an option to look at the pop-up for editing. There are three tabs in Source Properties: Basic, Event Display & Event Behavior. Event Display has an Event Template for specifying which fields to add to the pop-up. Event Behavior has Event On-Click Behavior field with pulldown options: Show Default Popup, Show Custom Popup, Run Snippet, & Run Snippet then Show Custom Popup. I’m using the default popup. I just don’t see anywhere that would allow me to edit that popup. Again, thank you!

You are describing the properties of the calendar event source.  If you want to manipulate the lookup field, you have to use the “Shoe Custom Popup” method,  then build out your popup witth a field editor, and add the lookup fields.  Then the lookup fields will have the filter option. 

I did think it would require a custom popup. I have done a search for “shoe custom popup” and cant find a tutorial or anything in the community.  

Ha! You are right, no tutorials about the “shoe custom popup”   I think we’ll get our doc team right on it!  (GRIN).  

Actually - here is a tutorial on the calendar component -   

and here is a tutorial on the “show custom popup” feature:

Ok, Rob! I’m back at it. What I’ve found is that the fields that are available to select in the custom pop-up configuration are somewhat limited. Does this mean I have to create a model with the fields that I need…and somehow pull the model into the popup configuration?


So,  only fields you have included in a model will be availabie in the custom popup.  Add the new fields to your Event Source model and they should become available to add to the field editor in the popup. 

Thanks, Rob! I’ll see where that takes us.